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NEW YORK, NY– Whether it is that exciting time with a new baby on the way or your toddler wants a new look for their room, or just decorating for the holidays, it is imperative that style and safety go hand in hand.   There are many potential hazards that can be overlooked when decorating including dangling window cords which according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission is one of the top five hidden dangers in homes with young children. The Window Covering Safety Council (WCSC), a coalition of major U.S. manufacturers, importers and retailers of window coverings, urges all parents and caregivers to only use cordless blinds in homes with young children to avoid potential strangulation hazards.  Window coverings are one of the easiest ways to update any room and can be a simple decorating solution for all budgets and color schemes.  There are a vast variety of cordless options available today in all styles, sizes and fabrics. Kim Myles , voted by millions of Americans as the 2007 winner of HGTV’s “Design Star”, and currently on OWN’s Emmy nominated “Home Made Simple”, is an expert in renovating any living space to ensure it is child friendly, affordable and aesthetically appealing. Below are five quick and easy tips to revamp any space for a serene, safe, and stylish environment for the family.

  • Brush on a Pop of Color:  Scared to take the plunge with a whole room of color? Try painting the trim around your windows a bright hue with a simple and child-safe cordless blind. The quick brush of paint will give the room a modern, playful and unique look without being over the top.
  • Roll out the Shades:  What’s not to love about roller shades? They always look neat and crisp and if you’re Do-It-Yourself oriented, you can take it a step further and stencil them, paint them or cover them in fabric for a custom look.
  • Seasonal Switches: Switching out your curtains is one of the easiest ways to redesign a room with no hassles.  Just remember to use cordless products that are safe for children. Try rich, jewel-tones for fall and winter palettes.
  • Curtain Comeback: Heavier drapes are great for winter and really give that cozy cocoon vibe. They’re also completely cord–free and safe for kids! If you want the illusion of higher ceilings, hang them at (or close) to ceiling height.
  • Holiday Help in a Hurry: If you have no time for full-on holiday decorating this busy time of year try this child-safe holiday look – Hang a wreath in your window with two minimalistic cordless blinds framing it. It is safe, stylish and speedy.

For additional safety and style tips visit the window covering safety council website at Free retrofit kits are available by phoning their toll-free number at 1 (800) 506-4636.  Consumers should know thatthe installation of the retrofit kit is not intended to be a substitute for installing cordless products in homes with young children.