What type of information can I find on this website?

WCSC’s website, www.windowcoverings.org, is a comprehensive resource that includes cord safety information and illustrated how-to features, online ordering of free retrofit safety kits, safety-related articles, design and safety tips and links to other child-safety websites.

How can I tell if my window coverings pose a potential safety hazard?

Older corded window coverings may have looped pull cords or accessible inner cords that could pose a strangulation risk to small children. In addition, tasseled pull cords need to be as short as possible so they are well out of the reach of children. Parents and caregivers are urged to check their corded window coverings for potential cord hazards and to retrofit or replace them with today’s safer products.  Government safety officials and the WCSC recommend that only cordless window treatments be used in homes with infants and young children. You can click here for a short video on what you need to know about window cord hazards.

How can I order retrofit kits? How much do they cost?

WCSC provides consumers with retrofit kits at no charge. Simply click on Order Free Retrofit Kit or phone WCSC’s toll-free line at 1-800-506-4636.

How does WCSC reach out to the public?

As part of its ongoing public information campaign to increase cord-safety awareness, WCSC regularly disseminates news and informational materials through the media and partnerships with various public and private organizations concerned with child safety, health and well-being.  To help prevent cord accidents, WCSC provides consumers with retrofit kits for older corded window blinds, shades and draperies that do not meet the latest safety standards. Retrofit instructions are included with each order.

What types of cordless window covering options are available?

Almost every type of corded window fashion is now available in a cordless style. In addition, traditionally non-corded window coverings, such as curtains, spring-loaded roller shades and shutters are always options for consumers.

What is the Window Covering Safety Council (WCSC)?

The Window Covering Safety Council (WCSC) is a coalition of major U.S. manufacturers, importers and retailers of window coverings dedicated to educating consumers about window cord safety.