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While many homeowners love the unique charm and beauty that can only be found in an older home, the truth is that older houses present challenges to keeping everyone safe, especially little ones. For any house where children are being raised, or where they may spend a lot of time, it’s a good idea to take stock of some potential hazards — before they cause a danger to any infant or child. Test for lead Many houses built decades ago may contain lead not only in the paint, but also in the water pipes. You can have both your water and paint tested for lead. If lead is present, speak with a licensed contractor about ways to remove lead safely to protect everyone in your home. Examine windows — including window coverings Older windows can pose a number of risks to young children. Never place furniture such as a cribREAD MORE
Bringing a child into your home means lots of changes as you adjust your lifestyle to accommodate them. While for many parents, new or seasoned, traditional safety measures like baby gates, car seats and cabinet locks come to mind easily, there’s a common safety hazard, sometimes in every room of the house, that many families overlook – window covering cords. Corded window coverings are one of the top five hidden hazards in American homes according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. The risk? Window covering cords pose a strangulation hazard for infants and children as they can accidentally become entangled. The Window Covering Safety Council (WCSC) urges parents to go cordless with their window coverings, eliminating this safety hazard. To help make the process easier when selecting window coverings, look for the Best for Kids™ label which identifies cordless options. Make sure to update your window coverings in allREAD MORE