The New Year is all about starting things off fresh – and that should include childproofing your home. You may feel like you have everything taken care of but, it’s easy for hazards to change and evolve as time passes without you even registering.

Start 2020 off by reading up on the latest safety measures for your child and what can be a potential hazard at their age. As you begin to re-evaluate the safety of your home this New Year, be sure to follow these tips provided by the Window Covering Safety Council (WCSC).

  1. Go cordless, for your window coverings that is. Ensure that you’re only using cordless window covering products around the house by replacing any corded window blinds, shades and draperies with their safer counterparts, such as those marked with the Best for KidsTM label certification. Your new window coverings should be either cordless or have cords that are inaccessible to your child to prevent any potential strangulation hazards.
  2. Check your tech. Inspect your smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and any other safety monitoring devices you have at home to ensure they’re working properly. They’re no good to you if they don’t function properly.
  3. Lock it up. Confirm that dangerous items, such as knives, matches, cleaners and medications are out of reach of little hands.
  4. Lock it down. Consider your home locks and security system – have they been updated recently?
  5. Don’t be a cord mess. Take a look at all of the electric cords you have around the house whether for lamps, televisions, chargers or even appliances. Make sure to tuck these up and out of reach of your child.
  6. Put a plug in it. Nip curiosity in the bud by putting safety plugs in any unused outlets to prevent any chances of accidental electric shock.

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